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This article is about the thin sheet of oil that they found on the ocean off the cost of Brazil and this could turn in to a larger oil spill.
My opinion on this it is this could be potentially really bad because the last time this happend it took us more than 40 years to clean it up and we are still not finished. So, if this gets any bigger then it is will be really bad for us because it wil pollute the earth even more than it already is. Second, I think that the oil companies should increase their oil safety procedures. If this happens less oil will be lost and we will have more to use and people do not have to worry about an oil shortage and the ocean will not be dangerous for people work and play in. Life would be better for a lot of people oil companies kept a tighter hold on their oil spills; like Chevron did as soon as they saw the the thin layer of oil.

Other information gotten from: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=how-long-will-oil-spill-last.
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