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It’s a Mystery

I have to say that the BEST mystery I’ve ever read was The Speckled Band by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I liked this book because of its story line. I really like the characters, the animals, and the setting of this story. I really like red hearings but sadly I didn’t really find that many of them in this short story. I suppose I also like all the Sherlock Holmes books so that probably has a conflict with why it is my favorite mystery as well.

I will try to create a good starter for a mystery, but, there are NO promises it will be great. So here it goes.

                As I was in my room typing a blog for homework I was interrupted by a great, loud, sobbing, cry. I got up and I headed down the stares down to where the sound was coming from. I was shocked to see that it was my mother.

                “What’s the matter?” I questioned her. I could tell that she couldn’t make out words because of how much she was crying but she had enough strength to point. My brother had gone missing. Supposedly my mother had called all my brothers’ friends houses and he wasn’t there either. He couldn’t just get up and leave the house he was too scared to do that. At this point I had started crying too.

                “Mom,” I asked “do you remember when we lost shadow?” (Shadow is my black dog that looks a lot like my profile picture.)

                “Yeah,” She answered.

                “Well someone came to us with her even though she didn’t have her collar. He will come home he is too afraid to not come home.” I suggested.

                “I suppose we could take a rest,” she agreed.

                We had travelled back home and we jumped into my mom’s bed only to find it was the morning of the next day and we had slept the whole night. Suddenly we heard a noise much like my brother’s football game for the XBOX 360. We rushed down stairs. To our surprise he was there!!!

                “Where did you go? We were so worried.” my mom stated.

                “I didn’t go anywhere,” he answered.


                “Mom he didn’t go anywhere he was in the attack you can tell because he left it open!!!” I answered her question.

                But how did he get up there, where did he really go, and what is he not telling us???

                Okay I know that wasn’t very good but I guess it works.

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