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Who are we?-

The students of 3rd ESO at INS Manolo Hugué, doing the optional subject "Planning a Trip", are going to organize a trip to Holland, in a class exchange. They are going to Naaldwijk, in March. The Dutch students are coming to visit us in May.

by H teacher: Dolors Permanyer
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In Netherlands there are many famous people such as:

-         The Queen of Netherlands is Beatrix Willhelmina, she lives in the “house of Orange.Nassau”.

-         Vicent Van Gogh, a famous painter that painted the Sunflowers.

-         Ibrahim Afellay, Marc Overmars and Johan Cruyff, they are dutch footballplayers that trained in FCB.

-        Johannes Vermeer, a famous painter born in Delft. His most famous painting is “The little Street”.

-          Anna Frank, a famous writer.

In Netherlands there are National parks and the biggest one is called De Hoge Veluwe. There is also the Dom tower, in Utrecht, that is the tallest church tower in the country.

There are some important museums such as NEMO, It is the biggest science center, its means “nobody”; Van Gogh museum; Anna Frank house’s; The NAI…

Everybody travels by bike to everywhere because it’s so flat and it’s easy to ride.

The capital, Amsterdam, the drugs are illegal now. Holland’s biggest cities are Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague and Utrecht, making the Randstad.
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About the Blogger

We are catalan students from IES Manolo Hugué. We are in 3rd grade of secondary school. We are looking forward to this exchange!

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