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The best mystery story that I have read was “The Pit and the Pendulum.” What Edgar Allan Poe did best was keeping it a mystery. There were many unpredictable changes in this story. Another thing that he did well was the suspense of the mystery. He gets an encore for that. This was the best story for the mystery.
Here is the starter for my mystery: I sent Catie ahead because I forgot my stuff at work. Being only 12 we stick together so she was going to wait for me at the river. While I’m walking out the door I run down to the river. She wasn’t there so I kept going thinking that Catie forgot and already headed home. On my way home I kept thinking this is weird of her because she is scared easily. Once I got home she was nowhere to be found. Searching high and low she was nowhere to be seen! After that I went straight to the police. Catie was reported missing. Two days later she still wasn’t found and was considered MIA and kidnapped. Here in Africa this is very common. The police weren’t going to help since they already had 12 other cases that were exactly the same. This means that I have to step up and search for her and I know this is the 13 case, hopefully it will be unlucky for the kidnapper who had the nerve to take away my friend.
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