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My favorite mystery story would probably be, "The Final Call". This story is actually kind of short, and this is one of our scary stories from the mystery unit. Well, this story is more of a scary story than a mystery but it brings questions. Any way, I like this story because the author really made me wonder of who was calling, and the best part was at the end, sad, but still one of those shocking moments. Now for my mystery story...

It was late, dark and late. Midnight to be exact. Should I do it, will anyone suspect it was me? I have to, I have to do it, she thought to herself. She grabbed the rope and the room key. She was going to do it. Annie Jones was going to be killed tonight, no matter how much I loved her. She walked to the door, slowly unlocked it, and there she lay, Annie Jones asleep on her bed. She tiptoed across the room and pulled a chair to the rim of a wardrobe. She grabbed some rope and tied Annie up, making sure it was impossible to escape. Suddenly, Annie woke up. "Huh, whats going on?", said Annie
"Shhh! just don't say a word, this is for your own good!", She siad.
"Wait! No! Stop!" Annie siad. Annie ran across the room. She chased her, Annie ran into the mirror, smashing it into pieces, and cutting herself. Annie grabbed one of the pieces and cut her. "Ouch!, you bad bad girl, you shouldn't have done that!" She grabbed Annie and cut her back. Annie tried to slip away but it was to late, she had already hung Annie, making it look like sucide. It was the end for Annie that night, and as for her, she would continue her regular life, loving the rest of her children.

Hope you like! Its kind of random though, just from the back of my mind.
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