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This is a place for students from grades 4 - 7 to write about their research projects, book club book reviews and to learn to use 21st Century technology skills. It is an invitation to see what students in my library research classes are researching, learning and sharing. We learn from positive, constructive feedback not negative criticism. Please notice our successes, not our mistakes.


teacher: Mrs. C. Martin

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Quebec Trip 02/23/12
Web Cafe 11/10/11


What I Learned

At the Web Café I learned a lot of things. I learned that you should not go on poker sites and also that if somebody sends you an e-mail that says it’s from the bank it’s not, the bank never asks for information through e-mail. I also learned that if you see a site that says something  really mean about somebody that you should tell your parents and the police if it’s really bad. If there is a site that says you won something, they don’t give it to you, they send you a virus. I know this from doing it.I learned a lot but I have lots I still haven’t learned.


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