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Dear Mom,
I do not believe I was on such a crazy exploration. I was on the Mayflower. I remember me getting on the Mayflower with my dad. I thought this would be easy. I also remember me petting my dog. I also remember us beginning to move. Then our journey began.

The first night was ok. But the second night was terrible. Storms happened over night, a man fell overboard. He went under the boat and drowned. We all were scared. Even the toughest guy was scared. I held my dad’s hand as hard as I could.

The lightning was so loud it almost made a man deaf. It was so terrifying and no one knew what to do. It almost struck the boat. The lighting almost gave someone a heart attack. It sounded like a bunch of guns firing.

When the storm was done we had a few minutes to relax. And try to get some sleep. When it was morning we ate some biscuits and some cheese. Then we noticed we were almost out of food. Then 2 days later we ran out of food. Then a week later my dad died. I was so sad. I did not know what to do.

A day after my dad died two more people died I was scared I was about to die any minute. Then when all hope was lost a man said lands ahead. No one dare believed him. Then an hour we did see land. I was sad that my dad could not see this. And the other people who did not.
Your son,
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