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The best mystery I’ve ever read is definitely And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. I thought that the idea of having ten apparently innocent people with one murderer amongst them was pretty cool. The ending was also an awesome part of the mystery, but I won’t share that because it would spoil the book! Here’s an introduction to a story that I think would make a perfect mystery:

                It was nearly midnight and the fog still hadn’t lifted. Detective Richard Hill and his companion, Eli Lawton were stalking through the open-roofed dockyards in London, England. The case of the disappearance of Sir John Channey still hadn’t been solved, and the pair was hard at work to find him. Carefully following a trail of clues, the detectives could feel they were at the end of the mystery. After hours of investigating the dockyard, the two men came upon what they were looking for. In a corner of the dreary place lay the limp body of none other than Sir Channey. Richard Hill immediately knelt down next to the corpse and pulled out his investigation tools.

                “Well, are you coming to help?” inquired Richard.

                “Pardon me detective, but this case ends here” said a calm voice behind him. Detective Richard Hill swiveled around, only to find the nozzle of a pistol centered on his head. The detective barely had the time to identify the pistol before the strange person pulled the trigger. The shot rang through the dock, scaring birds away from their resting places. Only a day later was the poor detective’s body found by a worker, a pistol bullet embedded in his skull.

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