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A Mystery!!!
The best mystery that I have read was The "Pit and The Pendulum" by Edgar Allan Poe. I liked this book because it was so suspenseful and it made me all sweaty (of course I'm being sarcastic). Another thing that I liked about this book was that it was so mysterious, it made me wonder what would happen next. It made me want to keep reading.

I would like to write a mystery like that, but I am not a mystery writer, so I may want to write a humorous mystery, or a not a VERY suspenseful mystery. I want to write a mystery that draws attention, so it must have some suspense. I think my story will start out kind of like this:
Down in my basement is a leprechaun. I shake with fear whenever I hear it. Of course, I have never seen a real leprechaun before, but I have the proof all in here. Whenever I come back to the main floor from the basement, I always look around.
When I was going to the famous detective yesterday…
How is it? Needs something more? Leave your thinking in the coments.
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