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The best mystery that I have ever read was probably "The Oblong Crate" because the writer always made conclusions on what was in the crate and it always kept me thinking what was truly in the crate. I think that the author did well at making conclusions that were wrong and I would always think about what was actually in the crate. They were all really good conclusions so I thought that those things were what was in the crate. All of the conclusions that he made kept me going because I eventually found out that they were wrong so I just had to know. Here is my short story starter:
One dark, snowy night a girl named Sally went to her family jewelry shop like she does every night to help sell jewelry. As she walks in she finds out that the lock on a jewelry case has been messed with and once she gets closer she realizes that the famous emerald was MISSING! Right away she called the cops and they rushed over to investigate. Some evidence that they gathered was that there were fingerprints on the glass with some smeared chocolate donut frosting. It got way too late so the cops said that they would go to the donut shop in the morning and ask the baker a few questions.
The next morning the police and Sally arrived at the donut shop early and went to go ask the assistant manager if they could speak with the manager, but she said that the manager was not at work yet and it was very unusual because he was almost always here on time. "Then may we ask you a few questions Ms. Shosherman?" said one of the cops to the lady. "Sure," replied Ms. Shosherman. The cops asked all sorts of questions like have you seen anyone mysterious come into you shop, was your manager here yesterday, and a lot of other things. AS Sally was sitting away from the cops and Ms. Shosherman she noticed that all of the chocolate covered donuts were gone and reported that to the cops! finally the cops said that they needed to get more clues about all of this so they went off and said they would be back tomorrow with some conclusions.
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