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Does different liquids make a different on the growth of the orbies?

I think that the orbies are going to be similar because orbies absorbs liquids. I think that it really doesnt matter what liquid it is as long as it's still liquid.

Different liquids allows the orbies to grow. It controls the growth, sizes, colors, and the surface type of the

My team had 5 different types of liquids. The first vile is milk, second is the orange mango carrot juice, third vile is the white cherry powerade, forth vile is the Lipton tea, and the fifth vile is the cherry lemonade. We put 5 orbies in each viles and 30ml of water in the viles. We did our experiment for 15 minutes, 24 hours and 48 hours.

Before 15 min. 24 hours. 48 hours.
Milk. 127.7px. 210.3px. 397.5px. 394.3px
Juice. 127.7px. 266.7px. 384.2px. 389.9px
CP. 127.7px. 283.9px. 418.3px. 432.4px
Tea. 127.7px. 283.9px. 493.9px. 516.8px
CL. 127.7px. 213. 9px. 256.4px. 225.9px
(CP= Cheery Powerade and CL= Cherry Lemonade)

What happened:

For the milk the orbies growth was very little and the orbies stick to the bottom of the vile. The smell of the vile was disgusting. The milk ended up rotten and chunky. The color of the orbies are red.

For the juice the smell was as bad as the milk but still smelled rotten the orbies are clear looking and the orbies color blends in with the color of the juice.

For the cherry powerade the orbies color is clear with a slight pink color all over it. The size of the orbies are decent and there is no bad smell in this vile.

For the tea the orbies are the biggest size in this liquid. The orbies color is brown the color as the tea. There is no bad smell in this vile. After 24 hours of experiment the orbies size was oval but then changed into a circle after 48 hours.

For the last vile the cherry lemonade the orbies are the smallest in this vile. The color is red same as the color of the liquid. For the first 15 min there appeared to be a bubble inside the orbies but then they later disappeared.

How does the orbies absorbs the color of the liquids?
Why did the sizes of the orbies different from each other?
How does the liquids effact the surface area of the orbies?
Why did the bubbles inside the orbies in vile 5 disappeared?

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Posted Comments

It was very easy for me to read through your blog post and understand your experiment.
Nice work and thanks for sharing.
Posted November 10, 2011 at 11:14 AM by • Penny
Posted November 10, 2011 at 11:14 AM by • Penny
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