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Dear Mom,

It is the third day and the trip is going well. I haven’t eaten much because some people need food more than me. I have been cramped in a small spot and I don’t have very much room to sleep. Some people have pets with them. But I think they should have left them with people that can have pets without taking much room up.

There is a storm going on right now. A man got crushed by a beam not to long ago. But he is O.K. but the men are talking about a way to fix the beam. They are about to tell us if we sail on or go back. I hope we sail on. So if we go back we did this long way for nothing.

We are going to sail on. That’s what I heard from a man. So I think we go sailing on. I heard the main sailor say we sail on. I love sailing on. We are getting more and more hungry as we go on to we are also running out of food. But we are fishing and getting lots of fish.

What I heard a man say land ho. It was we found land and we said thanks to the lord. For taking us to a new land.

We love this new land we are playing when we take a break from finishing the last house. I wish you were here with me. It is a wonderful land. This was letter to you mom.
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