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Emily and the Wierd Things She Likes (With Whatever Else Miss Transsue assigns me)

class 2015

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by Emily B

teacher: Melanie Transue

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Note before I begin- One thing to keep in mind with VOCALOID fanfiction like this is that the author is writing the VOCALOIDs how they see them.  My portrayal of Sonika is largely based on her official twitter account maintained by Zero-G staff members, and I made up most of Oliver's characterization as I was writing.  Also, this doesn't really have a proper ending because of the length limit of this assignment- I plan on writing a full version in the future to make up for it.  Despite this, I hope you all enjoy it.

3rd Person Omniscient-


“There you are Ollie; I’ve been looking for you all day.” Now what was I supposed to do again… oh, right, the welcoming! “I’m Sonika and I would like to welcome you…”


            Will this ever end? Oliver thought, trying to hide the disinterest on his face. Maybe I should- “Why does everyone insist on doing this?” he asked, his mouth moving slightly faster than his mind.


            “…Zero-G- Wait, what did you say? Did you ask why we insist on doing this?”


Limited Omniscient-


            “That’s exactly what I said,” Oliver replied, still not quite believing he had spoken that way to a VOCALOID2.


            “Well… we just figured that since every new VOCALOID is pretty much locked in with their creators and any predecessors they have from that company, the friendliest VOCALOID from each of the other companies should welcome them."

            I knew I was right in calling them the welcoming committee...  "Well, miss... Sonika, was it?  Has it ever occurred to you, or any of your friends, that some VOCALOIDS might not like this much attention?"



            "Whatever do you mean?" Sonika asked, her voice slightly higher in pitch.

            "Well... some people- or VOCALOIDS in this case- just don't really like to be fawned over, and I'd prefer to meet everyone on my own terms."

            "Oh, ok then.  Well, thank you for your time then..." She said in a monotone voice before walking away, leaving the younger VOCALOID to his own devices.

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