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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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September 6, 1620
Dear Dad,
Hi dad! How are you doing? I really miss you and the family! Today Alexa, Briana, Mom, and I all left England on the Mayflower to go find a new land so we can have freedom and worship god in our own way!
You will never believe how many people are getting sick by all of this food. There was this really rotten biscuit and it made Briana sick. This is what happens when we keep eating dry biscuits, and cheese. My mom started crying because my sister looks awful, I am so scared because she is a really cool sister.
The next day my sister still didn’t feel well and I thought she was going to die, she just kept getting worse and worse. My mom, Alexa and I started to worry even more. I mean out of all people it has to be my sister. Let’s hope she is better tomorrow!
Even though this trip is taking a lot of days, I know everything will turn out right. The things that we cannot get over are the storms, the food, people dying, and some other things. Well Briana woke up the next morning feeling like she wanted to dance. My mom was so happy she wanted to cry and she did. I was so happy, my sister was healthy and excited!
You’re Daughter,
***2 months later***
November 21, 1620
Dear Dad,
It has been 9 weeks and the captain just said “Land Ahead!” We did not believe him at first but we saw a tree branch, seaweed, and a land bird! I said “Mommy, Mommy land is ahead!” She said “Oh My Gosh, Yay!” Everybody on the boat started to dance it was funny, so we tagged along. Then a guy said “Land Ho!” We waited for the boat to stop and then we got on to the canoe! I got off the boat and once I touched the sand of the new land I fell to my knees and the captain said prayers! Everybody started to cry and so did I, I was relieved. See dad I told everything was going to be alright! What a crazy trip though?
You’re Daughter,

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