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November 4, 1620
Dear Grandma,

Hi how is it going in Plymouth, England? We have had some excruciating times on the Mayflower. I will tell you about those times later in my letter. It has been a epic on this ship.

Well first the food really is nasty. We have been living off of dry biscuits with cheese on them most of the pilgrims got sick. The worst of all one of them was my sister she was so close to being with god in the sky. Luckily she was safe because she got great care. That was just one of the worst things but good thing she did not. I can’t believe the food was that bad?

Now the thing that scared me the most was my dad almost died. There was a terrible storm and it was moving the ship back and forth. Then he went over board because of the thrust of the constant motion. I was just glad one sailor got him by a fingertip. Although those storms were brutal storms. I am lucky that I survived.

The Mayflower is a pretty cool ship. Even though our beams fell and made holes in the bottom of the ship. It was a little hard on the ship when there were storm because it was so packed. I told you about that one tragic evens about my dad. That was the only two event that were really scary. So far the Mayflower has not had that much problems.

So far that has been our voyage on the one and only Mayflower. Love you grandma and please write my back!

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