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On November first we made an experiment to see what environment the brine-shrimp could live in. the way we did are experiment we filled the viles with things the we would think that the brine-shrimp would hatch in. Are first vill was filled with pop/smarties and water, next one egg/salt and water, third just salt water, forth pepper/smarties and water, fifth chocolate and water,last of all smashed smarties and water (the water was just tap) after 24 hours the brine-shrimp turned different colors they started at brown to really bright, also the brine-shrimp in vile (1) they sunk to the bottom and just floated. vile (2) the egg had trapped the brine-shrimp in the egg so we said that it was a dead vile. vile (3) the salt water had a lot of bubble!! we put them in a micro scope to see what was happening the eggs where hatching. vile (4) the pepper was sitting at bottom with the brine-shrimp we put that in the micro scope too and they where all dead. vile (5) the water was Smokey because of the chocolate we also put that in the micro scope too also dead. vile (6) the brine-shrimp sat at the bottom finally we had another vile that was alive! hatching ever second one after another! so we found that the brine-shrimp can hatch salt water and smashed up smarties. thank you.
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