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Dear Dad,

Module 1 was a lot longer than I thought, and there are more modules to come. So here's what I learned.

Graphs: We did a quick re-visit on graphs, line and bar. We could read them and turn them into Frequency Tables: Frequency tables are data tables that show how often something occurs. Like age, we use tally marks to show it.

And that's the beginning of Algebra: 9=Z x 3, algebra replaces numbers in a term with letters, so a student can figure out what the missing number is. Exponents: 32, no you do NOT do 3 x 2. it means to multiply the 3 twice or 3 x 3 and that equals 9 not 6 ,you find this in Order of Operations: 3 - 4 x 32 PEMDAS, Parenthesis, Exponents ,Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction. The is the order of what operation you do first.

There are no parentheses in this equation so we go to the exponent. 3 x 3= 9, then the multiplication 9 x 4= 36, after that we do the subtraction 36-3. And it all equals 33. These things are kind of the basics to get us warmed up for a long year ahead ,the next module is problem solving so keep an eye out.


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