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teacher: Rye 8th Team

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Math in Module 1

Dear Parents,
This year in Math module 1 I have learned many fun and new things. Some of the things I have learned are frequency tables, patterns, and probability.
A frequency table is basically a table with three vertical columns. The first column is what ever the tables about, the second column is for the tally, and the third column is for the frequency or total.
Patterns are new to me this year. I have learned how to find the algebraic equation to patterns. Sometimes it takes a while to find out the pattern but once you get it is easy. Many times it how many cubes are in each figure.
In Probability we have added on to what we already learned in 6th grade. I have learned the difference between theoretical probability and experimental probability. I have done a project with my friend on probability that gives the summary, experimental and theoretical probability.
I have had lots of fun and learned a lot in Module 1 and cant wait till module 2.

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