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This class is for high school students at Winnebago Lutheran Academy who want to learn how to make music on computers. We use Audacity and Garageband as our main tools, and we have fun almost every single day figuring out how to make music using audio and MIDI, but we also learn how to record vocals and instruments and even play guitar and drums if we need to.

We keep personal blogs (look on the right column of this page and click on our names) to help us remember what we've been working on, keep track of the all the decisions that we've made on our projects, and to share with our family and friends the music that we've created.

NEW 2013-2014 We're moving our blogs to Google's Blogger since WLA is using Google Apps for Education. Click here for Mr. Witte's new Music Tech blog. Click on the student names in the right hand column below to find links to their Google blogs for Music Tech and to see and hear what they've been working on in class.

by Dale Witte
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In order of performance in chapel:

Thu., Nov 10 - Katie Beltz (Mr. Strusz): CW 402 - My Faith Looks Up to Thee
Wed., Nov. 16 - Gloria Shin (Mr. Klukas): CW 282 - Lord, Open Now My Heart to Hear
Thu., Nov. 17 - Patrick Marchant (Mr. Klukas): CW 219 - Lord, When Your Glory I Shall See
Mon., Nov. 21 - Zach Hawley (Pastor Boggs): CW 613 - Come, You Thankful People Come
Mon., Nov. 28 - Antonio Fosado (Pastor Haag): CW 23 – Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel
Wed., Nov. 30 - Bryan Eaton (Mr. Riley Westphal): CW 580 - Every Morning Mercies New
Thu., Dec. 1 - Jesse Yi (Mr. Riley Westphal): CW 29 - Lo, He Comes with Clouds Descending
Tue., Dec. 6 - Donna Zhang (Pasor Zahn): CW 16 - On Jordan's Banks the Baptist's Cry
Mon., Dec. 12 - Eric Bilitz (Mr. Randy Westphal): CW 2 – Savior of the Nations, Come
Tue., Dec. 13 - Quintin Krentz (Mr. Randy Westphal): CW 6 – Come, O Long Expected Jesus
Thu., Dec. 15 - Braeden Krohn (Mr. Kerr): CW 31 - O Lord of Light, Who Made the Stars
Fri., Dec. 16 - Sam Schumann (Faith, FDL): CW 566 - We All Are One in Mission
Mon., Dec. 19 - Summer Strong (Pastor Boggs): CW 38 – From Heaven Above
Wed., Dec. 21 – Jake Schoenborn (Mr. Dettmann): CW 60 – Silent Night
Thu., Dec. 22 - Jordan Buchholz (Mr. Dettmann): CW 68 – Away in a Manger
Mon., Jan. 2 - Andi Franklin (Pastor Wright): CW 269 - In Peace and Joy I Now Depart
Tue., Jan. 3 - James Park (Pastor Wright): CW 65 - O Little Town of Bethlehem
Wed., Jan 4 - Devin Sook (Mr. Herrewig): CW 62 – Joy to the World
Thu., Jan. 5 – Amy Qualmann (Mr. Herrewig): CW 63 – Angels We Have Heard on High
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