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teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2012-2013)

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Sports Ville

In the summer, I went to Gilles`s house. We played for about 90 mins of PS3, then we played soccer, but after 2 hours, I had to go. Gilles had Sports Ville, a place where Gilles plays soccer. He asked me if I can come. I asked my mom too, both answered with a yes. I told Gilles, and we went together to play. First, we trained for the match, after training we started playing the match . The first 45 mins , I scored for my team making it 5-5.Then the other team scored another goal, but Gilles scored and tied the match. At the end of the first hour it was 9-6,but in the second hour we began to shine, we tied 9-9.Later the match was to end 12-11.It was going my time to shine, I was golden, I scored in the last second. We went to to penalties , so we had an advantage, I was amazing at penalties .

                At the end we were 0-0 in penalties. It was my turn so I shot the ball as hard as I can, and scored and we won. I was the man 9of the match! I made my team win. Gilles asked me if I was on Nijme.   I told him I train with my brother. I was so happy.

                                                 The End
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