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                Honestly I don’t really like blogging. Sure we get to use the internet but I would rather hand write it. I’m one of those people that have trouble figuring out how things work on the internet. For example I just figure out how to send attachments on my email and I’ve had it since third grade.

                I would also have to say that I do like blogging about the “fun” stuff like: seven random facts, your pick, etc.  I don’t care for the ones that you don’t have to read an article or answer weird questions such as in the blog “MATH??? HUH???” or other weird ones like that.

                Blogging is also difficult for me because even though it is written in my planer it can’t be in my homework folder. Therefore I’m most likely not going to remember it until last minute. Sometimes I remember to do it on a Monday or Tuesday (like this one) because I’m on the computer doing other homework so I decide to do it before I forget.

                I also think that it is unfair for us students to get a 50% if we mess up even a little bit. I personally use Word but sometimes it doesn’t catch the things like using the correct spelling but the wrong form of it. For example: their, there, there’re. We should be graded based on the number of things we get wrong. I understand a teacher’s point of view too. They have to look at 150 blogs and find all the mistakes and it takes time out of their day but I still think that we should be graded fairly on our blogs. Don’t you think that too???

                As you can see I like blogging but I think I would like it better if we could manuscript it. (Hey look I used a spelling work!!! I seriously just noticed that!!! Bonus points!!! Just kidding.)
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