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I have mixed thoughts about blogging. I dislike writing and I dislike blogging. I dislike both because it is hard for me to come up with ideas to write about. I don't like how it's usually a certain set topic. Personally, l like to write what I want to write, instead of having a prompt. Writing is not my idea of fun, and if I have to write, I like free writing. People also have trouble reading my handwriting, and I have to rewrite things, so they can read it. It is basically such a big, boring chore.
On the other hand, I would rather blog than write. It is quicker to type and it is easier to correct. I like using a computer for my homework. It looks neater and I like being up to date with technology.
Blogging for Language Arts has gone pretty smoothly. I think my blogging has improved. I hope it will also improve my writing. My next goal is to improve my writing buy working harder on it. Another goal is to look at what others are blogging. I think this will give me ideas for writing. It might also be a good way to learn what others are thinking. So, I conclude that there are more pros than cons. I vote that we keep blogging.
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