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Black Panther-

by ML teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)
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An Assisted Personal Narrative written by Meera © Oct 20011


Used to stick the baby bottle in my mouth while watching my favorite TV show, Telitubies-, my brothers-both of them- my mom, and I now and then visit my grandma. My eldest brother Amin is a smart control freak, but he is a klutz (like the biggest klutz ever.) My other brother who is also older than me is kind of bright. He used to be very caring and protective of me and he used to love me so much. But that was the past maybe because I’m growing up, my mom; well she is the most caring mom you can ever get. My grandma is the sweetest grandma in the world, she has short brown hair and big, loving and caring blue eyes, she has a special perfume that she always wears, and she always smells like it, so does her house, And trust me if you smell it you feel like you’re in heaven. Speaking of her house it is really nice and is kind of big. She has a garden and THAT GARDEN IS HUGE=http:// Her garden is full of beautiful flowers and frogs (that’s another story) She has 4 rooms, (it’s the same house my mom lived in with her brother and sisters) the kitchen is the nearest to my grandmas room. My grandma’s room has a big glass door, she has three wooden closets and well a bed (of course) and a TV, well that’s pretty much it. The room that I usually sleep in is kind of big. There is a TV in there a wooden bed, the mattress is lumpy at the same time very comfortable and fluffy, and there are two small couches and big wooden closets. And the third room has a huge wooden closet and a big bed; well that’s pretty much it.

My family and I went to sleep at my grandma’s house for a week. On the fifth day I was very bored, and my mom felt bad for me so she wanted to do something to really surprise me, It was a Sunday afternoon all the shops were closed and we couldn’t go out to play in the burning hot sun the and that was not working at all so there was nothing to do. My mom got an   idea, she was going to fix the TV but she needed the control freak A.K.A Amin ‘Amin! Amin! Come telium I mean the TV is not going to work on its own! My mom hollered, but he was too busy drinking a glass of water in the kitchen. I was worried he was choking on the water and he’ll never put it down. He took a big breath and said, “Coming!!” He ran to the room my mom was in and he put the glass on the entrance of the room. In five minutes or so I heard my favorite song, Telitubies Dipsy, Lala, Tinkiwinki, po, say hello!

I ran to the room suddenly I heard a big crack, creaaaak! Then I felt excruciating pain going thru my foot “AHHH!” I let out the biggest scream I could.

I looked at the floor and all around me was blood, I thought my foot was half ripped off. I cried so much I felt like vomiting.in those few seconds, I felt like they were hours, everything around me was frozen in my mind.


After I went to the hospital, it took about three weeks to heel, and they wrapped my foot (in those three weeks I wasn’t allowed to walk) but I still have a scar on my foot. Since that day I never walked barefoot  again.
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ouch! i stepped on glass once when i was young too, it hurt so much :(
Posted January 24, 2012 at 07:10 AM by • dilana 9
Posted January 24, 2012 at 07:10 AM by • dilana 9
Dear Meera,
You are the best person I have seen and the best writer I wish you were my sister.
love love...
Posted November 4, 2011 at 04:11 AM by • DAN
Posted November 4, 2011 at 04:11 AM by • DAN

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Hey.. im Meera i love to play , I enjoy ebery day. I play the violen, I have a cat, I have two brothers and ,,,, I LOVE TO CHAT!!

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