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But something that we should always remember is the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center towers. Many lives were lost in that tragic event. We learned from our mistakes to keep security tighter because the terrorist slipped right past us in order to accomplish their cruel plan, but mainly, we learned from other peoples’ mistakes. We learned pain and suffering that happens because of violence. Hopefully, what we learned from the Twin Towers tragedy will lead to a brighter future. I hope this because we learned from our mistakes and others, so now we can fix the things that lead to these mistakes to happen. We also remember from that experience that we are strong, because we learned that the people of America will keep standing, even in our darkest hour.

I think this is probably my strongest paragraph. The only problem with it is that it is kind of hard to be creative when writing about events like 9/11. I would like feedback on how to be creative when dealing with serious matters.
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