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evaporation comes first:warmth from the lakes,ice,streams,and soils to turn into water vapor in the air.almost all of the precipatated water goes right back into the air because of evaporation.the rest runs off the land or soaks into the ground to become ground water.

the second thing is Transpiration: Transpiration happens when plants give off water vapor through tiny pores in their leaves. This is the plants way of getting rid of waste, just like people and animals sweat when they are hot, This water vapor evaporates into the air and is stored in the atmosphere until it becomes clouds or precipitation.

the third thing is condisation:Condensation is the opposite of evaporation. It takes place when water vapor in the air condenses from a gas, back into a liquid form, and leaves the atmosphere, returning to the surface of the Earth.

the fourth is presipatation:Precipitation is made up of any type of water that falls to the earth like snow, hail, mist, or rain. Here in Wisconsin, we get about 30-32 inches of precipitation every year.

the fifth is ground water:Ground water is simply water under the ground where the soil is completely filled or saturated with water. This water is also called an "aquifer."

the sixth is water vapor:Water vapor is water in a gas form that is held in the air until it changes back to water. You know, sometimes it is sticky outside in the summer that is just water held in the air.

the last is energy: The sun shines on water in rivers, lakes, streams, wetlands and oceans and makes the water warmer. This turns the water into vapor or steam. The water vapor leaves the lake or ocean or river and goes into the air, where it becomes a cloud.
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