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by Gianni F

teacher: Melanie Transue

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Just For Fun!! 09/11
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Mr. Woolcock
Science – 9A
October 5, 2011
Behold the Mini Spini, a technological feat like no other. The Mini Spini uses top of the line mini CD’s to guide its 12”x 4” body around the difficult turns. We hope that Mini Spini will gracefully beat the others cars to the finish line. In this essay I will be addressing how we handle speed and velocity, friction, and the mass of the vehicle.
Because the Mini Spini has the potential to reach great speeds we needed an advanced mechanism to prepare for the stop at the end as to not bounce back and lose points. For this we decided to use tacks. The reason for this is that the tacks would stick into the wall preventing the racer from bouncing back.
Now let’s talk about friction. Because our racer will be bouncing along the walls we decided that reducing friction would be a good idea. So to connect the wheels to the axle we are using special connectors that will cut down on friction. We are also allowing the mini CD’s to spin freely to reduce friction.
Now for the icing on the cake, mass. Because Mini Spini will require quite a bit of power to coordinate the turn we decided that cutting down on the mass of the vehicle would be best. Our original idea was to have a massive pie plate that would rotate but we figured it would be too heavy so we opted for two mini CD’s that would rotate the car around. This design will have the same outcome but will reduce the mass increasing the speed and velocity of the vehicle as well as the acceleration.
With all of these modifications the racer will be able to complete the turn at a reasonable speed and be quite easy to build. Thank you for reading my essay on my mouse trap racer.

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