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by AM teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)
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A friend should be trust-mutual that means you should trust him/her and they should trust you blindly. You shouldn’t judge a person by his physical appearance does not mean if he is another skin color than you shouldn’t be his friend.
A friend should not be bribing you it means you should not be acting in someone’s favor by him/her giving you a gift or money that means he is not a true friend. They should not be manipulating by being unfair or by controlling you. A friend should not be selfish for example if you tell that person something he/she says ”ya ya who cares” or just pretends not to hear you.
A friend should not be a backstabber for example if somebody talks about you in a bad way he says “you’re right” to that person instead he should say “please, don’t talk about my friend this way” that’s a good friend.
A friend should be loyal to you he/she should respect you and consider what you say not just that everything he/she says is right. A friend should be trustworthy for example if you tell he/she a secret they should keep the secret and not tell it to everyone if they keep it that is called a true friend.
A friend should keep his promise and not keep saying “later, later.” A friend should be supportive and helpful it means they should be there with you when you need them to be on your side. A friend should be passionate to you they should have strong feelings.
A friend should be empathy to you to have the ability to understand and share the feelings of one another and by all these things I mean you should pick the right friend for you.
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My name is Aya. I am in 5th grade. i am 10 years old. i have one brother and two houses.

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