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by Adam C teacher: Melanie Transue
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We are building a mousetrap racer that has to manipulate a 90 degree turn. The experiment will involves the law of motion, kinetic and potential energy, friction, mass, speed/ velocity. We are building the car out of things that Mr. Woolcock is giving us. We are taking a board, putting a mousetrap on it, attaching cds on it for wheels, and then sticking a guide wheel in front of the car. To manipulate the track we are going to have a continuous turn and a back up steering wheel in case the turn fails.
Mr. Woolcock is giving us a board that is 30cm long and .6cm thick. We are cutting a slot in the front and the back of the board for the front wheel and to have a way to start the car. The car is a 2 wheel drive because only the two back wheels are receiving power from the mouse trap spring. There is only going to be 4 wheels on the car but only three wheels are going to be on the track. One of the wheels is a backup steering wheel because if the continuous turn fails then the extra wheel will make the turn.
The mousetrap racer that our group is building deals with Newton’s third law of motion. This law states that for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. When we set off the mousetrap it will set the string off and push the car forward and make it turn.
The mousetrap racer will have a couple types of energy put into it. The first type of energy is mechanical energy. After the car starts to accelerate most of the mechanical energy will turn into kinetic energy. Some of the energy will turn into thermal energy and some will turn into sound energy.
I think that this design will work because we are going to make the design is a good design. The law of motion will affect the car a little bit but we can use it to our advantage. The energy used to propel the car forward might be too much so we might have to modify it. The continuous turn will work if we have a lot of patience and time. The backup wheel will work if positioned right but hopefully it won’t need to be used. That is the mousetrap racer car that we are building.

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