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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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Do you know Ben franklins big ideas. I am going to tell you about a few. I hope you like this essay.
Did you know that Ben Franklin published the first almanac? It had all kind of different bits of information. Some of the information it had is recipes when to plant certain stuff there was a lot more. The name of the almanac was pour Richards’s almanac.
You probably know that Ben Franklin discovered that lightning and electricity is the same thing. Only that lightning was just on a bigger scale with out him there would be no TV or video games or even power in our house. To make sure that his idea was correct he sent his idea to European scientist they proved that he was right.
If you didn’t know Ben Franklin was a very very good negotiator. He talked France into helping us in the revolutionary war. If he did not we probably would still be paying tax today.
Those were some of Ben Franklins grate ideas. There are still a lot more. Hope that you really liked the essay.
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