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We need to always to remember military actions, or people who have served and are serving. We need to remember the people who have served so we can honor them and respect them. We also remember the people who are serving so we can honor and respect them as well. We need to remember our military actions as well. If we forget that we bombed Japan, we would forget everyone who died in the bombings. If we remember this, the innocent lives that were lost will not be forgotten. We needed to remember this so we don’t do it again. We need to remember the civil war so we remember that our country once wanted to be two different countries. If we forget these, we do these wars again. There are many reasons to always remember. The best reason to remember is so we don’t forget. If we forget, we will redo our mistakes. We need to always remember so we don’t repeat mistakes. We must remember our veterans so we don’t forget them. If we forget them, we will not remember their sacrifice. We must remember.
Please tell me if this is a good paragraph or not.
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