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by teacher: Alfonso Gonzalez
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In our 8th grade sience class we have been learning about environments. We took 5 different substances, 5 different viles and 3 diferent waters. Liquid 1 was salt water,in vile one we had red sand and that did nothing at all. Vile 2 was yeast and all it did was make bubbles and a bad ordar. Vile 3 was pdyacrylate and it didn't grow or anything. Vile 4 was radish and the rasdish did spout a little steam. Vile 5 was brine shrip and it didn't do anything but mold on the top. Liquid 2 was sugar water and it had the same substances as one but it did diferent things like vile 3 they got huge and adapted the water. Vile 5 had hatched and got bigger.
Liquid 3 was just regular water vile one didn't do anything. Vile 2 got smelt really bad and created bubble at the top. Vile 3 did the same as liquid 2 got big. Vile 4 sprouted just the same as the other ones. Vile 5 hatched also. But the whole point of this project was to see what didferent things did in diferent environments. We had for out that substances that are living are yeast, radish and brime shrip. The substances that are not living was red sand, pdyacrylate.
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