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Last week in our science class we did a lab on environments. We got 5 viles and an assignment to 1liquid (out of 3)-which was salt water- and we put a substance in each one. Vile A, was red sand. Vile B, Yeast, vile C, Orbies, vile D radish pods and vile E had brine shrimp. Over the week we examined the viles, trying to see if anything was living, and at the time, we didn't know what was each substance.
In my group, each substance we thought was non-living. But vile E,-the Brine shrimp eggs- was living, but something happen and they didn't hatch.
If we used a different liquid on each substance, things might have been different, such as the yeast in vile B.
Yeast is a living thing. I learned this last year in home ec. It feeds on surgar and other things, so if we got sugar water, it would most likely have produced bubbles that rose to the surface. But because we had salt water it died.
If we had water, (liquid 3) our orbits would have grown bigger, and our radish seeds might have sprouted.
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