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Hey, do you know about Ben Franklin’s big ideas? Well I’m going to tell you about what he did to change the world, what he accomplished, and what he made.
I’m going to tell you that Ben Franklin was the first guy to publish the almanac. In the almanac there were facts about what the weather was like, when it was a good time to plant, there was some facts about him in it, and other odd things that people needed to know back in the days. Did you know that he sold 10,000 copies in a year and he kept that up for 25 years? He published the first edition in 1733. That was some facts about when he made the first almanac.
Did you know that Ben Franklin discovered lightning and electricity were the same? He asked scientist to try standing on a tower with a iron rod at the tip and when a storm was going the lightning would strike the iron rod and that would mean electricity and lightning are the same and it worked but one of the scientist died because he wasn’t paying attention. One time before he stood on a tower he got two iron wires and connected it to a cage with a turkey in it and lit on fire with two electric bottles, the thing he was trying to do is kill the turkey. That’s how he proved that lighting and electricity are the same.
Also did you know that Ben Franklin was a very good negotiator? He was so good that when he went to France he talked them into being on their side when they were at war against the England France actually teamed up with the Americans. While he was at France people started to really like him so they started giving him money and luxury’s things like clothes and shelter and asking him if we should do that or do this. So pretty much France worshiped him. Also while they teamed up with us at war against the England they helped them with weapons and a whole bunch of other things.
Well that’s all I have to say about Ben Franklin’s big ideas. He was a really great guy because he helped us so much. Also those were some of Ben Franklin’s big ideas=http://!!!

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