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by Gianni F

teacher: Melanie Transue

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Just For Fun!! 09/11
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9-CP English
Ms. Transue
24 October 2011

I am overloading with excitement at the mere thought of the next few months. There are so many awesome things coming up that I thought I would share it. Selling candy for my ski club, sleeping over at friend’s houses and Christmas top my list of things I want to do this winter.
I am part of my schools ski club and being part of this club costs a lot of money. However this isn't true if you take part in their fundraiser like I do. We receive catalogs full of delicious meats cheeses and chocolates and many people love them and buy from me. If I sell enough I am able to snowboard for free for almost the entire year.
During the winter one of the most common things to happen is snow. When there is enough our school is closed and we get the day off. Some of us take advantage of this by going over to friend’s houses and having fun. The best part is that sometimes it snows while we are over there and we get snowed in. This means we get to stay over even longer. While I’m over at a friend’s house we usually sled down the snow covered hills and play video games. Winter is definitely the best time to sleep over at a friend’s house.
Now for the best part of the year, Christmas. This is the best part of the year other than your birthday of course. Christmas is filled with presents, snow, and great food. All of these things make Christmas very enjoyable. One of the best things on Christmas is giving presents. Seeing the smile on your little brothers face when you give him the toy he wanted is priceless. Receiving presents is also great. This year I hope to get a snowboard. I hope that everyone has a happy and safe Christmas this year!
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