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My dad was injured in Bagdad. He gothis knee messed up, his back got fractured & now has a metal plate, one of his ear drums blown out & his head shook around. What caused this is the truck he was riding in hit an IED. An IED is a road side bomb. Terrorists put them in the ground, so it can hurt or kill the American Soldiers. My dad was very lucky he wasn’t killed. When he came off of the airplane, he had a cane to help him walk until he could walk on his own. My dad has to always go to the chiropractor for his back. Once in a while, these pieces of sharp metal would come out of his leg(s) because sharp metal was flying around from different things. My dad got a Purple Heart. The Purple Heart stands for, an American Soldiers who got hurt. He got his Purple Heart from one of his commanders. They have to wear their dress uniforms to put their pins/metals on. He already has a lot of pins/metals on his dress uniform. I’m happy to call my dad a hero because he fights for our country. My dad also just recovered from a surgrey on his shoulder, he pulled something & made his shoulder hurt really bad. Now, my dad has to leave for Anchorage, Alaska. He will be gone for 3 years. The really good thing is that we get to go see him. The reason why we all need to remember the veterans is because they had/have served for our country. They have done a very good job because they are helping us & themselves to fight for our/their families. The soldiers usually communicate with their family over emails, video chatting, letters, etc. When my dad was out in Bagdad, he always communicated with us over email. They are always proud of themselves if they save our country and made it through the war. God Bless Our Soldiers!!!
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