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Various people have different reactions to diverse situations. Many adults' hands will get clammy or people will get jumpy. For me it's just a little bit of a different case. First, many people have fight or flight modes when they are surprised or scared. I am similar, but I also can freeze up under certain circumstances. Dpending on the situation I am put through, I will choose any of the three modes. My second reaction is lots of adrenaline. My heart starts pumping quite fast and I get very jumpy and sloppy on things that require focus. I would stumble on my own tongue and I am easily frightened by the littlest of things. Last, My focus just completely fails on anything but what is making me frightened at the moment. As an example, my house creaks a lot. But one day when I was home alone, it sounded like when my parents get out of bed on the weekends. Something fell off upstairs and so my mind thought that there could possibly be someone in the house. I went upstairs and checked everything out and didn't even notice my mom had called. So you can see, my reactions will problably vary from yours, but fear still affects me in very strong ways.
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