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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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Do you know Ben Franklin’s big ideas? Well if you don’t I will tell you some. I hope you enjoy my essay.
Did you know that Ben Franklin published the first almanac? He published his first almanac in 1733. He called it poor Richard’s almanac. He made sold about 10,000 copes every year! He did that for about 25 years. In his almanac he would talk about the whether, when and what to plant, he also put in some jokes.
You probably know that Ben Franklin discovered that lightning and electricity are the same. He tested this theory by inventing the iron rod. He would put it on a Box big so that a man could fit. So the man would stand inside the box and write what would happen. He also tested this theory by raising a kite with a key on the bottom. He could feel the electric shock come thought the key.
Did you know that in the spring of 1757 that Ben was sent to England to argue about the taxes that they were laying down. When he was in England he was shouted at, laugh at, and insulted. Bens wife Debbie died the year before Ben came home.
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