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Rye Jr High School - Grade 7 Social Studies

Overview: This class is design to take students on a tour of the cultural foundations of the American Republic. It is not meant to be a comprehensive tour of each topic, but an overview with each unit focusing a couple of major themes.

by Mr. Waters

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Questions: about 3 min Mini-lessons or River Civilization Map

Example of a mini - lesson -- The Persian Empire

Engineering Persia Video -- Focus questions  

  1. How did the Persians solve their water issues

  2. What made Cyrus the Great Great

Hw -- Prepare for 3 min Mini - Lessons on River civilizations



Let's organize time  -- Dates for the following civilization Mesopotamia, Egypt & Persia

Textbook Ch 7 Section -- Persians

Project Work- Time -- Students receive final maps to complete their map showing the 20 civilization in textbook Ch 4-8  Final Map is due Monday 10/31

3 Minute River Civilization Mini-Lesson - ( Presentation begin Thursday)

(Parent Info) -- Students will present a short lesson on the Who, Where, When, What or Why about their assigned civilization

Homework--  Work on presentation information 


Return Quiz --   #11Textbook Ch 4 Sec 3,4,5 Quiz    Quiz Improvement--- If you scored less than 15/20 on the quiz, complete the Ch 4 Section Assessments.  Section 3 Q 1,2. Section 4 Q 1,2,3 Section 5 Q 1,2,3    Due Friday

Go over and collect 3,2,1 notes from Engineering Egypt

Assign Civilizations - Students choose from a hat one of the River Civilizations from Ch 5 -8. Students need to develop a 3 min mini-lesson to teach the rest of the class about the civilization. Presentation should address the  Who, Where, When, What or Why about each. Students may only used the white board, textbook, or printed pictures for their presentations. Presentation begin Thursday

River Civilization Maps - Work time

Homework  - Read Chapter Section for your River Civilization presentation



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