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8th grade gifted English follows the 9th grade curriculum in the order of the 8th grade units. 8th grade gifted Extended Academics intends to stretch gifted learners as does 8th grade Extended Academics intends to enrich studies for students scoring well in mathematics on standardized tests.

by Conrad

teacher: Anita Roberts-Long

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A "Not So Fun" Fishing Trip

Have you ever been fishing before? Well, I fish a whole lot. If you have never gone fishing before, you should really try it.I have been fishing since I could walk, so I know a lot about the sport/hobby and I have a great number of memories from it.

One time I went to my cousin's house that was located just outside of Memphis, Tennessee. My cousin's house stood right by a pond that I always fished in, so right when I got there I went straight to the dock and started fishing. After about 30 minutes my brother got bored with my cousins and decided to come join me. He soon got bored fishing too, so he decided he would try to joke around with me. He told me he had a fish so he yanked the pole and accidentally sent the hook flying through the air. The hook flew right past me but still managed to cut my eye wide open.

After the hook cut my eye, I couldn't see through it at all. I went straight to my mom and showed her what happened. My mother told me she almost passed out once she saw my eye after the incident occurred. She also said my pupil was shaped like a pear, so she knew something was wrong right when i walked into the room. After seeing all of this, she rushed me straight to the hospital. When we got there, the doctor examined my eye and said the hook was about a millimeter away from blinding my right eye. The doctor made me wear an eye patch for 5 days. The eye patch overall just sucked. Since I had to wear the eye patch for so long, it would take at least an hour every time I took the eye patch off just for my eye to readjust. A week or two later, my eye was fully functional again. The hook had left a scar that was almost right on top of my pupil. Now, it moved up and is in the back of my right eye.My brother and I have given each other numerous scars.I have scars on my eye, knees and feet from him while he has scars on his hands, arms and knees from me.

Now, my dad makes our whole family wear glasses when we go fishing. The only reason he does this is to prevent this incident from occurring again. Overall, this event wasn't a very fun one but a very memorable one.
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