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Mr. La Marr- 4th Grade, RL

All the students in room 15 teach and learn from each other. The challenges that are achieved are limited only by the restrictions of their own minds!

by Michael La Marr
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4th Grade, RL

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We have been reviewing California's history for the first part of the school year. The natives and the land bridge over the Bering Strait have been discussed. We've talked about exploration of the land by Europeans and then the settling of the land by Spain. We have also studied how Spain lost control of California, and we have examined how California became part of the United States.

It is your turn to give your opinion about our state's history. As you review all that we've discussed so far, what do you think is the most important event that has occurred? What part of our state's history do you think created the most change and helped California head to where we are today?

Your task will be to create a topic sentence stating your opinion. You need to have several items of support to prove your topic sentence. The more detailed you get, the better you will score. Think about the topic and give it some good thought.

Create your answer in paragraph form. Be sure you have a strong conclusion. You will need to be sure that your spelling and grammar are correct, too. Make certain that you have good ideas to make a reader think about what you have said.

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Mr. La Marr is in his 29th year of teaching. He is fortunate to be working with such talented and motivated students. Each day is an adventure and we never know quite where we will land!

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