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I read the article in NY Times Student Connections. This article talked about students and if facebook was a bad thing for them or a good thing. There were many things positive about facebook and many negatives so they both crossed eac hother out. Though in my personal opinion it depends on the student. If the student cares about their education then their time on facebook is there choice. On the other hand those students who dont care about their education choose to use facebook more then other students. So, if you ask me it would all depend on the student and where they want to go in life.
Another thing I learned in this articl is that people don't really notice my theory. All they notice is how much time people spend on facebook and if those people are doing well in school. Facebook isn't a bad thing it's just the people who have a facebook account can decide to do bad things from it. Other people decide to be on facebook 24/7 which causes them not to do homework or go outside and things like that. Thats why i say it all depends on the person and how they are deciding when to use facebook and how long they use it for.
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