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Fear comes in many forms for different reasons. It occurs when there is something you are afraid of or if you are afraid to fail whatever you are attempting to do. The unknown scares us too because we don't know what may happen or what something is, so we may not be prepared. It holds you back and makes you begin to doubt yourself. Sometimes, it may even make us stop doing what we want to do or what we believe is right. By having fear though, you can be able to find the courage of pushing those thoughts away. It gives you more courage than if you were doing something without fear. Many people are fearful when they are worried to mess up or do something wrong. In elementary school, we have a school play each year that anyone could participate in. I really wanted to but also had stage fright. Then I found courage to get up on the stage and act. When I finished, I was even more proud of myself. Even though you have fear, if you go for it, you will feel even more accomplished. It motivates you to do better and makes the event more exciting. Fear also hinders us in doing what we want though but overall, it isn't always a bad thing to have.
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