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The article I have read is about a lady who has struggled to get money! Paying for child support, disability payments, rent, and gas/electric bills, her paycheck doesn't really cover it. She has five children and they eat Mac & cheese or ramen noodles every night. She wrote a letter to Sal Dimiceli. He gets 20-30 letters a week. In a couple weeks he showed up at Jennifer Cervantes door and started to help her. Sal told her he would pay for 1 month of rent including gas and electricity. Then he went to the store and bought the family food to fill up their empty refrigerator. Sal has helps about 500 people a year. He says he does not give people money that do not need it or want to take advantage of it. When he receives a letter he goes over and opens the fridge and cabinets to see if they need help or if they are behind on bills.
He also goes beyond that, he helps people stabilize their long term situations. One family he has helped is Val and Al Hyner. They have both been unemployed for about 1 year. They were living in a small motel room and paying for it from their savings. Val had even pawned her wedding ring because they almost had no money. Dimiceli had gone to help them. He gave them cards for gas, and rent. He also got Val’s wedding ring back! That is what the article is mostly about! My reaction to the whole story was very upsetting I did feel bad for the family but after all he helped them I felt glad that someone is there to offer them things they need.
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