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On October 19, the Associated Press wrote an article called "Lions and tigers shot in Ohio; owner freed them." It describes that an exotic animal owner in Ohio freed his animals and then shot himself. The sheriff and his deputies shot almost 50 of the wild animals. Eighteen of them were Bengal tigers and seventeen were lions. During the hunt that started Tuesday night and ended Wednesday afternoon many schools in the area were closed. Police were ordered to shoot the animals instead of using tranquilizers. One reason is because the animals that were shot with the darts could escape and then wake up again. Another reason is the animals were becoming aggressive and the sheriff said, "Once the nightfall hit our biggest concern was having these animals roaming."
I think that they made the right move shooting the animals instead of tranquilizing them because if they did start roaming they could harm people. I also think that the person who released these animals made a bad decision and put many lives at risk. I think that the person who had the animals was not responsible and should have donated them to a zoo instead of releasing them because the zoo could start a breeding program because the Bengal tigers are endangered.

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