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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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I’m going to tell you about Ben Franklin’s big ideas. He had some wonderful ideas that helped people. I hope you learn a lot from my essay.

Did you know that Ben Franklin created the almanac? Well in his almanac there is a weather forecast, when to plant plants, when the moon came up and down and he published it in 1773. In two years he sold 10,000 copies.

Another idea he did was that lighting and electricity are the same. Because if you don’t have a electricity rod the lighting will burn down your house. Then you have a house.

Ben Franklin helped out the revolutionary war. By asking France helped they gave more money and sent soldiers and did everything for them. When he went to France they liked him so much that they hung up pictures of him and in there jewelry and when to go see the king he was all plain and they still like him.

Ben Franklin did a lot for us. He provided so many wonderful ideas. I’m sure still benefiting from his big ideas.

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