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Our science class did a lab on livoing and non-living things. We put different things into vile. Some thing were living and some weren't, each group had a different environment in their viles. Our teacher gave us yeast as one of the living or non-living organisms. It was kind of like a trick but nobody thought yeast was living but it is! Nobody saw change or evidence because they are so small. Then our teacher showed us the yeast under a magna fine glass and almost everybody's thoughts changed! The environment affects an organism because if an organisms need a certain amount of stuff to live their environment would need to have that. Like, there was these seeds in one of the viles and before we put them in the vile with the cotton ball and h2o (our water had sugar it.) they just looked like rocks. But after one day went by with the seeds being in the vile they had sprouted. If we didn't put the seeds with water they would of stayed the same form until they got water. The radish seeds did sprout in all of the liquids. The yeast didn't do anything in the salt water. Also the Braine shrimp hatched in all the water, they didn't hatch as much in the salt water. The reason same living organisms appear non-living is because they have not hatched sprouted or whatever they have no signs of life. Also some living organisms are so small that you can't see them change with just the naked eye. when a living thing isn't showing a sign of life it's gipetting used to it new environment.
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