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        The environment does affect organisms because the different environment changes the organisms to adapt and adjust to the environment like snow,heat,rain wind or just plant life. the lab that we did had five different substances the red sand, yeast, polyacylate crystals, seeds,and brine-shrimp, the polyacyate crystals, red sand, yeast appeared to be not living at first or even at all the organisms did not have the living side affects i was looking for in a living thing. Also the seeds, and brine shrimp appeared living because of the thing I have see what they turn into.the way they grow or changed was by the liquid we put into each substance we had we let the substances it in the liquid for more than 24 hour. the liquid was a mystery because mr.G didnt tell us what it was but after we where done with the substances we drained and disposed the the substances. The polyacylate crystals had/has grown but! it seemed that the polyacyate crystals just absorb the liquid. also the liquid was salt water. the thing i didnt get was the the brine-shrimp didnt go crazy as i thought it would of but they all died :( i just dont know why?

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