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Thirty five year-old John-Alex Mason, a guitarist of Colorado Springs, died recently due to major blood loss. He was with his family when there was problems with the surgery to remove cancer tissue. He became known when he won the Telluride Acoustic Blues Competition in 2001. John-Alex beat records, competed in music festivals all over the country, and recently won the Pikes Peak Council award for best solo pop musician. He even had an opportunity to play with famous artists, such as B.B. King, John Mayall, and John Hammond. He was seriously talented. John-Alex was widely admired for being able to play guitars made out of cigar boxes and wailing on them simultaneously. Mason is missed dearly by his wife Rosanne, daughter Ruth, mother Charlotte and brother Stephen. He lived out a legacy, and people will always remember him for that. This article affected me emotionally because a young man died and left behind a greiving family- that's just plain sad, isn't it? That's like me seven years ago when my dad would've been 30, and I was 5. Losing a father or husband at that age? That is very harsh to live through, and it almost makes me want to cry at the thought. I will remember John-Alex Mason.

See the article at [LINK]. Come and mourn for him!



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