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Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.


teacher: Julia Osteen

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We went to the little creek often in the summer. We would wear clothes that you could swim in, and our moms asked why we wore them but we said it was because we wanted to keep cool. What we really did was swim in the creek then play in the meadow until we dried off. Our moms would always wonder why we were gone so long, we said we lost track of time.

After a week or two of that, our mom’s finally gave us alarm clock that rang after one hour. We decided that we would have to see how long it took to dry off. It took at least fifteen minutes depending on how wet we were. If we were soaking wet it might take thirty minutes. So only on the really hot days we got soaking wet. The other days we only splashed around.

My friend asked her dad for the scrap wood he had when he was finished with his projects {such as the front porch bench}. She told him that she was building something for us to share. When we had enough wood she got a hammer and some nails. We took them out to the creek and we made a bridge. It wasn’t the best but it could hold both of us long enough to cross it.

Every fall we would always get flowers for our centerpiece. Our moms wondered where we got them and we said we got them from. We said, “The woods.” Like it was so obvious. After our mom’s would say, “All right.” As if they really believed us. We were constantly going back to the meadow {which is where the flowers really came from} and our moms would wonder why we were always in the woods.







Chapter 2



The Greenhouse Adventure



         We always were going places, Jewel and I. We loved to take adventures to places that we had never been to before. I was usually the one who suggested ideas for the first year or so, but we always had more fun with the ideas she suggested. So, I gave up that job and let her do it.

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