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Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.


teacher: Julia Osteen

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Chapter 1- Airport


5 more minutes on the clock until schools out. Not only was it the end of the day it was almost winter break and Aubrey just couldn’t wait. She was going on her first plane flight to visit her Dad who lived in New York. She lived with her mom and had two older sisters and one older brother. They all lived in Nashville, Tennessee.  All of her siblings were coming too. So right as the final bell rang she raced to her locker, got all of her things, and sprinted to the car. Where she found her mom with 4 Burger King meals for everyone as they went to the airport.

            It felt like hours on the way to the airport, Aubrey thought. Her oldest sister, Collins, was talking to her friend on her telephone. Her brother Jake was watching some football recording on his phone. Her other sister Peyton was listening to music. Aubrey was just sitting there thinking about the Big Apple. She had never been there before but all her classmates have. So she thought about what she was gong to do. They were going to see a Broadway play, visit the Statue of Liberty, and go walking around.

Finally they got to the airport and saw that they were 30 minutes behind schedule. So they ran to the check in booth and got checked-in. They went through security. All of her siblings had done this before but she had never. So instead of running she slowly walked and looked at every gate and saw where they were all going. So her mom had to hurry her along.

Once they arrived at the gate they were just getting ready to board so her mom said, “ Good Bye, I love you guys. Hope you have a good flight see you in 2 weeks.”

Aubrey almost started to cry he was so nervous. But she gave her hug good bye and went on the flight.

As they walked on the airplane Aubrey was looking at the seats and the people in them. So finally they found their seats, 34 A, B, C, D. So they decided that Aubrey would sit with Collins and Peyton and Jake would sit together. So they took off. Aubrey couldn’t hold it in any longer she burst into tears. She was really scared. So Collins said, “Would something to drink help.”

When Aubrey herd that she was a little confused, Collins and her never got along. But her and her sister Peyton did. But she didn’t really care so she just said, “ Yes please”

So they found the Flight Attendant asked for 2 cups of sprite. She was shocked at how refreshing that was. About 30 minutes after that they came around with drinks and snacks. Collins and Aubrey ordered pretzels and another sprite.

            It was about 5:00 p.m. when they heard the captain say “ We will be landing in Newark in 10 minutes so pack up your things and Merry Christmas.

            Aubrey almost forgot it was CHRISTMAS. For the first time since school she remembered. She was so excited.

            Finally 45 minutes later they we waiting for they dad in Newark.


Chapter 2: Where is He

            They all got off the plane and ran to get their bags. They had to wait along time so they got a little snack. Then their dad said he would meet them at the door 3. So they slowly walked over to the door and sat on their bags. They waited and they waited but no one was there. It was 6:45 pm and still no dad. Collins finally said, “ We should just call him maybe he thought we were coming later.”

            So Jake got out his phone and dialed the number. No answer it went straight to voicemail. Jake left a short message and said, “ Hey Dad, Its Jake we’re at the airport waiting at the door just wanted to see when you were gonna get here. Bye.”

            It was 7:30 and still no one was there. Then Collins said, “ I’m tired and I want to go to his apartment! I he isn’t here in the next 10 minutes I’m renting a car and driving to his house.”

            “Collins, you can’t drive and you don’t know where his house is so that is not going to work,” exclaimed Aubrey.

            “There he is,” screamed Peyton, “There he is!”


Chapter 3: Dad


            Finally their dad was here. We ran as fast as we could to see him. He apologized and then got in the car. We had the Christmas music playing very low and we talked over it. So we talked about school and friends and most important what we were going to do. He told us we were going to see the rockets, the Statue of Liberty, go to Carlos bakery, and most important walk around. So we got to his apartment (in New York City) and had some hot chocolate. We watched the movie Elf. WE were all so tired we decided to go to bed.

            The next morning he woke us up early to get some breakfast. They went to a bakery on Broadway Street. They all got a little muffin with an egg. So she got what she would of always gotten, a chocolate muffin. So they found a table and started to eat.

Aubrey started with her egg. She got the pepper and put some on it. Then once she was done she bit into the muffin. About two minutes later she could barely breath. She had eaten some sort of peanuts.

            They didn’t know what to do so they called 911 and could barely get their words out. They had no idea what was going on. Neither did Aubrey. About 2 minutes later a big ambulance comes with their sirens on. They came and got her a put her in the car and drove to the hospital.

            Of course right behind them was her dad, Collins, Jake, and Peyton. Once they arrived at the hospital t

He doctor said you have to wait in the waiting room. So they found a seat. Their dad suggested they read a book or play on there phones but all they could think about was if she would live. In the corner of their dads eye he could see the doctor giving her a million shots and Aubrey crying. But he could hear anything.


Chapter 4: Will she make it           


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